Made by hand in Italy
Made by hand in Italy
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Venice Beach Shag Dancers / Linoleum Cut Print

Venice Beach Shag Dancers / Linoleum Cut Print

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This cute print was inspired by Shag dancers ( Connie Wydell and possibly Barbara Plum )
that appeared in the Venice Beach Clip, which you can see here:

Collegiate Shag is a partnered swing dance that originated in the late 1920s roughly around the same region as Balboa!
“Shag” has different variations/stylings depending on the geographic origin. What we know as Collegiate Shag is a dance that originated with college kids during the jazz and swing era – usually a 6-count dance with quick and flashy footwork and a chugging rhythm.

Each print is signed and numbered and part of an original edition.

Every single one may vary slightly; all of them are made and printed by hand.
Printed on 200 gsm cold pressed , Acid Free paper
Paper dimensions: 29,7 x 42 cm / A3