Made by hand in Italy
Made by hand in Italy
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About me


I'm a freelance artist and graphic designer based in Bologna. I am originally from Poland, but as a globetrotter I feel like the world is my home.


I'm a passionate of Jazz music which swinging rhythms I recall in my artwork, with an energetic and fluid use of lines and contrasts. My prints are dancing, playing and listening. I like to give a meaning and life to every single character.
Subjects that i illustrate are the things that are close to me, that make me feel good and I want to share this feeling to those who look at my artwork. I'm a sensitive observer and visual communicator, able to condense feelings and emotions in my designs.

From the early childhood I didn’t put the pencils and photo camera away. Attended many workshops and courses – live drawing, painting, paper crafting, models making, and many more. During my travels and searches around Europe discovered Linocut printing … and fell in love from the first sight… from that day. I am continually creating new designs every week.

My prints have been exhibited in many countries like England, Poland, Spain, Slovenia, Italia. 

I am specialised in monochromatic prints in linoleum obtained by engraving. I personally take care of the whole process: from the first idea, to drawing, to engraving, to printing. 



The exhibitions and festivals :

2016 –  “The Gallery Cafe” London / England
2017 –  “Sweet Swing Festival” Ljubljana / Slovenia
2018 –  “Warsaw Shag Festival” Warsaw / Poland
2018 –  “Dragon Swing Festival” Cracow / Poland
Feb 28 – Mar 4  – “Rock That Swing Festival” Munich / Germany
Apr 01 – Apr 28 – Martesana – Pasticceria artigianale Milano / Italy
Apr 26 – 28  – “Royal Swing Festival” Torino / Italy
Sep 01- Oct 04 – “Kawiarnia Kafka” Warsaw/ Poland