Made by hand in Italy
Made by hand in Italy
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BJ Dance Towels



By Dancers for Dancers and Musicians

We developed our BJ Dance Towels from our own experience as dancers and musicians in late night ballrooms, heated jam circles and sun filled pavilions,  on light filled stages and amidst the crowd.
We wanted a Towel that would dry fast and match our elegant evening Outfit and also be high tech and functional.Thats why we created the BJ Dance Towels, so you can Swing and Sweat in style.


The Team

We are actually just 3 people who created this from nothing. Benedikt, Annika and Gosia. We LOVE Swing! The whole team consists of 100% dancers and musicians. We live and breathe swing and dance. If you want to meet us, just go to a random swing festival or concert, chances are high that you will meet at least one of us there.  

Our Vision

We want to honour those who move the Swing-Music and Swing-Dancing community forward. Those who think that it's important to care for one another. Those who want to make the evening the greatest experience for others.Those who know that carrying a towel is a favour they do to everyone around them. Those for whom style and elegance is mandatory. We do this by giving them a towel with which they don't have to hide in the corner, but can be proud to wear.

Swing History Inspired Design




Inspired by the Savoy Ballroom "The Worlds Finest Ballroom", the home of our legends, Frankie Manning, Norma Miller, Benny Goodman, Chick Webb, Count Basie and all the others.


The perfect companion for every Lindy Hopper! Inspired by the original "Welcome Lindy" pin. With this you show that you care for your partners and are well connected to the history of Lindy Hop. 




BJ Dance Towels Design

We are emissaries of the history and the future of Swing so all our designs are based deeply in the roots of the dance and the music. 
Every design caters to a very specific element of Swing history and there are hundreds of stories and hours woven right into the design. If you dive your head into the towel you dive right into the era that it represents.

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